Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Reiki I!

    2. Meet Your Reiki Master

    3. Your Reiki Manual

    4. Your Reiki Workbook

    1. What Is Reiki?

    2. The Reiki Symbol

    3. Ki Basics

    4. The History of Reiki

    5. Your Reiki Lineage

    6. Knowledge Check

    1. Your Reiki-infused Meditation Experience

    1. Gokai: The Five Reiki Precepts

    2. Gassho & Kenyoku Ho

    1. Introduction To Your Reiki Placement

    2. Your Reiki Placement

    1. Channeling Reiki

    2. Tenohira

    3. Self-Reiki Using The Chakras

    4. Self-Reiki Using The Three Diamonds

    5. Byosen Scanning

    6. Reiji Ho

    7. Self-Reiki Using The Body Pt. 1

    8. Self-Reiki Using The Body Pt. 2

    9. Knowledge Check

About this course

  • 30 lessons
  • Training Manual & Workbook with Journal Prompts
  • Meditation & Breathwork
  • Reiki Attunement

You are your own best healer

Becoming certified in Reiki I allows you to utilize energy healing all on your own—anytime, anywhere.

  • Improve your body, mind, and spirit

  • Reiki can be used for any problem or challenge in your life

  • Experience a lighter, freer, and more empowered you

Take your healing into your own hands—literally!

You will learn

  • About Reiki

    What Reiki Is, What Reiki Can Be Used For, The History of Reiki, The Reiki Symbol, and Your Lineage

  • Principles & Practices

    Energy Basics, The Five Precepts, Meditation, Energy Clearing, Energy Scanning, Channeling Reiki, The Spiritual Side of Reiki

  • Practical Use

    Hands-on Self-Reiki Demos, and BONUS CONTENT: Creative uses to apply Reiki into your everyday life


  • What is Reiki?

    Reiki is a Japanese energy clearing and balancing technique. The word Reiki means spiritual life force energy: Rei = Universe/Spirit, and Ki = energy/life force. Using Reiki means using the loving energy of the Universe for your highest good—to heal and uplevel your life. Reiki is non-denominational and accepts all people.

  • Who can use Reiki?

    Anyone can use Reiki! If you are feeling called to work with Reiki then it is meant for you.

  • What can Reiki help with?

    No problem is too big or too small for Reiki. It doesn’t matter if you need support for daily stress or a major issue. Anything emotional, physical, or spiritual can benefit from this healing energy. Reiki can help with: anxiety, pain, trauma, disconnect, awakening, intuition, …and SO much more! There are endless applications for Reiki.

Ready to begin your self-healing?

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What People Are Saying About The Training

“To describe this experience is almost impossible, I struggle to find words…during the lessons I can tell you I have already felt so much peace and acceptance of myself. I know where some of my physical blockages are. I have such a greater understanding and respect for my source energy as well as the reiki energy. I could feel my guides watching me grow as I meditated. The meditations were amazing. I felt balanced and light after all of them. Learning all the different ways to clear energy was amazing. This was just such a good course. I loved that Anna had a work book as well as videos, I was able to pre-read the workbook which helped the videos make more sense. I will be getting on that wait list for Reiki 11 as to further my journey. My only hope is that I do not have to wait too long to work with Anna again.”

Sarah Z.

“I literally loved every minute of this course. A new world of not only healing and energy but also learning about myself has opened for me.”

Amanda L.

“I enjoyed this course. I loved how the training modules were very straightforward and easy to understand. Thank you for adding in the videos where we could follow along with you and practice reiki on ourselves - those videos made me feel more comfortable with practicing reiki on myself.”

Krystal B.

“I feel like I gained a wonderful understanding of the beautiful energy that practicing Reiki can add to my life: it assists me in feeling calm & peaceful and assists me with any healing I desire. I'm so grateful to get creative with my Reiki practice, like cleansing and infusing my crystals, sending Reiki to my food & water, amplifying my manifestations & gratitude list, and anything else I can think of! Thank you so much for creating this course!!”

Nicole W.

A Unique Reiki Training

Anna has spent years studying and practicing with many different Reiki masters so she can bring you the absolute best pieces of knowledge from a diverse base. Her trainings include traditional Japanese Reiki as well as Holy Fire III™ Reiki. While most Reiki courses focus on one single style of Reiki, in this course you’re getting the best of two of the most popular types. It is a distillation of everything Anna has learned down into only the most helpful and powerful tips and techniques. You won't find unnecessary or impractical fluff here, only what works and what will actually help you heal in practical ways.

Ready to uplevel your energy and your life? Bring your body, mind, and spirit into balance and empower yourself with the incredible healing tool of Reiki!

Your Instructor

Anna Schlinghoff

Reiki Master

Anna is a Reiki Master, Author, and Spiritual Empowerment Coach. She has trained in two different styles of Reiki with four different Reiki Masters.

You can unlock your limitless healing potential TODAY!